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Civen Metal Material(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Civen Metal Material ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd.

CIVEN METAL established in 1998. We work at developing, producing and circulating metallic materials. Our businesses reach to North and South American, European and Asian main markets. We take location advantage, integrate global resources and exploit worldwide market, aim at supplying our customers with high quality products and the best services so much so that we can be the leader of global metallic material area.


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We delivers a wide range of copper and its alloy products to demanding customers in the electro-technical industry. In the last ten years we have developed into one of the leading Chinese suppliers of copper

 material. During this period we were able to make use of decades of experience from contacts with our customers,responding specifically to individual wishes and guaranteeing top-quality products.


Our product-range includes copper and copper alloy in the shape of foil, strip and sheet with a great variety of standards, ingredients and purposes. Our products have broadly been used in aviation, space industry, shipbuilding, military industry, metallurgy, electronics industry, electric goods producing, telecommunications, decoration engineering, plumbing and sanitary.


With the company healthy developing, we equip ourselves with advanced production equipments and high-tech measuring instruments. We continuously improve our technique and facilities to keep our edge in this industry. Our R&D section has been working at the development of new metallic materials in order to enhance the core competence of the corporation. We also love to hear good ideas from our customers and employees, because we believe that the idea is the key to the future, ideas perfect life!


Company Details

Main Market

North America

Western Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia


Business Type






Brands : Civen

No. of Employees : 1001~1999

Annual Sales : 1.6-2.0

Year Established : 1998

Export p.c : 40% - 50%

Company History

Enterprise Policy

Take the market as the orientation; take the quality as the guarantee, 
Improve efficiency through management, promote development through innovation, 
Integrate resources and strengthen services to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise 


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Annotation: we serve the market and satisfy the customers through following that the business instruction goes first and the administrative instruction goes second; we build reputation and brand through excellent and stable quality; we optimize the process and standardize the management through a scientific and effective policy system; we break through old ideas through active and positive mentalities, and develop our enterprise through continuous innovations resulting from new thinking and methods; We achieve our plans and goals through fully utilizing our own resources and effectively utilizing social resources; we promote our team work through the service ideal that satisfying customers is satisfying ourselves, thereby forming our core competitiveness.


Company Service

Our Service Ideal

Going beyond ourselves in pursuit of excellence
Annotation: with an ideal of "impossible is nothing", we continuously break through yesterday and today, which shows our life value; with an ideal of "let's make things better", we give full play to our potentials to keep improving our work and cause.


Enterprise Mission 


We devote ourselves to the cause of providing alloy materials and products keeping pace with the era and creating the world top Powerway brand. 


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In face of the ever changing market, we push forward the enterprise reform with innovative ideas. 
We try our best to serve the society and share the achievements thereof. 

Annotation: our enterprise is aimed not only to provide various alloy materials and products meeting the development of the society, but also to make customers hold that our products are the best and worthy. Thus, facing the constantly changing market, we actively change the status quo and create a future to promote the progress of our enterprise as well as the society. At the same time, all our employees share the achievements together and conversely serve and reward the society. 

Company Team

Our Team Working Style

Quick, short and directly effective
Annotation: with the highest speed, shortest time and most directly effective method, we never allow what we should do today left for tomorrow, which improves our capabilities.


Team Values 

Demonstrating our value through innovation and performance based on our morals
Annotation: we carry forward our values through emphatically culturing the employees who do not benefit themselves through impairing the company, do not play political tricks with responsibility, have passion as well as team spirit; who try their best to work out new methods for saving energy, reducing consumption, improving quality and widening the market; and who well achieve their goals. 


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Enterprise Spirit


Meeting future challenges through frank cooperation and courageous innovation 
Annotation: no matter conduct ourselves or handle affairs, we carry out communication and cooperation with enthusiasm, sincerity and faithfulness; we have courage to create, exploit and innovate; we stride forward to the future through the consciousness and spirit of struggling, enterprising and fearlessness.







Civen's customers are all over the world. We participate in exhibitions all over the world every year. If you also go to these exhibitions, we sincerely invite you to have an interview. The pictures of last year's exhibition are as follows.


PCIM Europe


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Expo Electronica(International Exhibition for Electronic Components and Technological Equipment")


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Productronica | Trade Fair Electronics Development Production


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